lack of grace

I am a bit frustrated… I went to get my parking permit this morning before I came to work (a successful venture… yay). I had to run back to my car to get my registration, and on my way I managed to get to know the sidewalk a little too well. It’s been a long time since I’ve faceplanted so spectacularly. I hate when the sidewalk cement blocks get too uneven… I didn’t even notice it and my left elbow, knee, and hand took the brunt of it. Thankfully there’s hydrogen peroxide and iodine at work, and I only lost a few layers of skin. The bruises should be pretty neat when they come in.

The worst part is I scraped the shit out of my watch. *pout cry sadness*. It’s a watch from China, so not very… fixable on short notice. I may be able to ask Skunk to help me with the brushed steel part… find a way to blast it down… I’ll have to ask around about the scraped glass.

I’m fairly sturdy, so a few bangs and bruises I don’t mind. I find them amusing if nothing else as an ode to my own lack of perspective on the world regardless of any intellectual prowess. Humbling and ego bruising all at the same time, which i imagine is good for me. I feel very pouty about the watch though.

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