of music and *slight* frustration

I’ve been thinking a bit about music of late, music and styles and etiquette. I say etiquette for lack of a better term, but I suppose what I really mean is rules. Music, styles, and rules. I went to a punk show the other night, which was fun. It’s been a long time. Last may I went to see Nine Inch Nails, but I didn’t get into the pit, so it wasn’t quite the same mode of living and grooving the music as I’m used to. That’s not entirely true, I did groove out a bit and Xiang assured me that my big hair managed to totally frustrate the guy standing right behind me.

Regardless, my methods of grooving were not appropriate for the show. This is often the case for me. I was thinking about this at the punk show this past Saturday. I like music, and I’m not very picky about the style from punk and hip hop to the more traditional stylings of the Church music I sing on Sundays.

I realized that there are moves appropriate to every form of music, creating rules of expression, more or less. This doesn’t bother me so much (having learned dance for 13 years), but what does bother me is coming across a form that is supposed to be a free form of expression yet not exactly be free in groovingness. While the average person moving at a punk show may not look like a prima ballerina, if you watch closely, the motions used are actually moves, steps if you will. That means there are rules and conventions. This is frustrating since punk is supposed to be such a free style, and yet it has so many conventions as to not really be free at all.

It’s funny because when a more rigid music style manages to pull in another style or incorporate something from another form of music, it is seen as fairly amazing and innovative. It kills me that some things are completely unacceptable. I find this frustrating since punk is supposed to be so free. I want the ability to groove out without feeling like I’m going to get shoved. I don’t mind being gawked at, but I do mind being shoved.

Why does it have to seem so difficult to get my groove on?

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