I am working on two pieces of research this semester for my classes, and part of that research included writing up a proposal of what exactly I am doing. I thought it might be good for me to share that information just to sort of keep myself clean. This isn’t the full version of either, more like a bit of a preview, but it’s there for you to ask me about, should it interest you.

An Analysis of the Health Impact of Coal-Fired Power Plant Emissions in China
This project addresses the possible mortality rate in China caused by particulate matter from coal fired power plants based on the model used by the EPA, adjusting for increased population density and different emission amounts. Power plant output information from China will be taken from other studies, incorporated with population data and health report data to assess the potential mortality risk due to power plant emissions. This data will then be compared with possible savings (both economically and in terms of lives) inherent in some of the alternative coal plants being considered, built, and used as alternatives in China. A more comprehensive savings summary will be assessed by adding carbon emission savings, and examining what this could imply for an energy profile for China.

A Comparison of Climate Change Beliefs: media representation as evidence of cultural belief in China and the United States
While media is a resource that disseminates information to a society, it is also a lens through which to view a society’s beliefs and values. Reporters for media sources may try to educate the general population with their writing, however they are also representatives of their own cultural background, and the only way to make their information palatable to the readership is to encase their writing within the conventions of their representative society. How does this picture change with a different collective experience, a different language, and a different population size? This research paper asks the question of what perspectives different cultures have on global climate change, as evident by newspaper media from two countries: China and the United States.

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