why I write

This is something I need to reconsider every once in a while, especially when I feel I’ve gotten away from something that I miss.

Why do I write?

This may sound like a dumb question, since I’m here because I want to write, but I mean it. Why do I write?

I write because I need an outlet, and I use lots of them. I sing, I boogey sometimes (poorly, but it’s behind closed doors), I draw, and I most certainly write. Sometimes it’s long flowery expository emails, journal entries, and stories, or graphic novel scripts… but I do. It’s an outlet, I need it the way that some folks need their favorite snack food.

Writing is something that, to me, is both intensely personal, and something I want to show people, something I want to share with the world. Sometimes that’s a little painful, like putting children up for sacrafice by the world around, but other times it actually feels good and relieving to do.

The thing is, I love it. I love stringing words together in new and interesting ways, I love the idea of provoking thought and maybe pause in the audience, I love the idea of telling a story in a way that might make someone rethink something going on in their own lives.

That’s why I write. I write for the creative “high” I get from it. I write for the awkwardness of it, and I write for the fun/pain/amusement/sadness of it.

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