poor pluto

Sometimes I have to laugh at the news headlines.  Ratey and I chatted about the ridiculousness of the headlines. I’m sure you’ve seen the headlines:

Pluto Dumped by Astronomers From List of Nine Planets

Pluto Is Demoted to ‘Dwarf Planet’

Pluto a Planet No More

It’s official–Pluto’s out

After 76 years in the club, Pluto is no longer a planet

Astronomers strip Pluto of its planet status

Solar System Shrinks with Pluto’s Demotion

Astronomers demote Pluto

And then there were eight…

Pluto loses ‘battle of the planets’

Fare thee well, Pluto

Pluto booted out of league of planets

Pluto left out in cold in planet realignment

All I can say is thank you to the news media.  I want my afterschool special about the planet gone wrong, or the heartwarming tale about the runt of the litter that wasn’t accepted but tried his darndest anyway.  Or maybe we need more investigative reporting on how Pluto is faring with this out-and-out rejection by top planetary scientists on a planet 2.66 billion miles away. How will it cope with no longer being in the “in” crowd.  I had no idea planets were so clique-y.  I am often a little perturbed by the anthropomorphism of animals in the news, but I had no idea we’d bring that attitude to planets as well. My very educated mother just showed us nine planets neglect.

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