old words on the old year

Holidays tend to be a time of recap, and I’ll join in the frenzy by adding a few snapshots.

Before the break I took sometime to meet a friend in person for the first time, and take a run over to the MFA for the first time in far too many years. At this point I’m thinking I should make a date to go there once a month with my sketchbook and have some quiet time in the midst of art to create something, be it writing or images.

I managed to make it to the opening of Curse of the Golden Flower, and marvelled at Zhang Yimou‘s continuing ability to make really depressing movies. It’s worth seeing, it’s depressing, it’s pretty, and there’s nothing like watching a character snap on screen.

I got to the Cambridge Brewing Company and managed to have this year’s Scotch Ale. Happiness!

Gifting happened and was fun, and I am most shocked and awed by a gift of a sci-fi book set at a fish farming facility. Clearly, people know me very well and support my geekery, which is good because their time trying to change me would be wasted. There’s also a beer-drinking squid on my wall, a bottle opener, two pilsner glasses, bookplates, and a bicycle part sculpture announcing “Do it”… which has been my favorite phrase since moving into this house almost a year ago.

If you’ve interacted with me in the last couple years, you know that I sing at a church, which is important when it comes to holidays. I cantor, which means that I actually lead the musical part of what goes on, and I kicked butt this year for the various holiday services.

I went to the Galleria one day, on a misspent evening quest for the Museum of Science. I didn’t realize what a brokedown sad place the mall is, especially since it seemed like such a place to go when I was a teenager. I’m not saying a great place to go, it was just one of the only places where it was appropriate for young people to hang out. Not only was it a ridiculous place to walk around and be pushed around by crowds, but one of the security guards almost ran me over with a segway while I was picking up a dime I dropped on the floor. A friend tried to alert me to the oncoming danger, but i think the absurdity struck the words right out of her.

I knitted while being lured into watching entertainment. I even learned a new stitch. Yarn was acquired. I finished bob and weave, which is a present that I am now done with and can give.

As is tradition, i drooled over a pretty boy and had the requisite two day angst-fest afterwards.

Scul award ceremonies ended my year, and it was fun and low key and excellent.

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