art in the new year

I can’t believe I forgot this in my clips of things done over the break.

Ages ago I promised Domy that I would make her an image of her favorite anime character so she could use it for her journal.  I promised that back in 2005, thinking i would have it to her for her 2006 journal.  That didn’t happen because life happened and I never got around to it.  I actually started the image but never managed to finish the process of getting it on the computer.

This year I managed to get it done and to her, sent off the image and left her to puzzle out what to do with it for a layout.  Yesterday I spent some time with the tablet and made a locket to help showcase part of the work I did. Overall I’m very pleased with the project and need to figure out how I want to put the pieces up in my gallery as I have even prettier high res versions of everything I did.  Regardless, you can check out Whyspered Moments – A Hunter’s Secrets to see my variation on an existing cartoon character.

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