follow up on yesterday’s post

As a follow up to yesterday’s post, and talking about possible future directions for myself, I’ve looked at different grad programs that might be fitting for me, and each of them have requirements that I need to think about while I’m in the program I’m in now. Here’s a short list:

Last night while still being frustrated with not knowing what to do.  I have lots of  I managed to think of something proactive to do to try and deal with the situation: talk to a few professors I’ve had in the last couple semesters to see what their thoughts are.  I think this will be particularly helpful because some of them were full time engineers at one point or another.  I’ll do some more research on programs and requirements and then try to set up some meetings at the end of the week.  If I can get a good input, then I can make some decisions in February so that when course selection comes around in March for the summer term, then I’ll know what to take.

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