a new baby, little yoldiella

Today I managed to acquire what Maomao would call a new baby. Back in 2004 when I was leaving China my laptop was acting up and generally making me quite depressed. After living in Randolph for a bit Josh came to my rescue with a Gateway laptop to keep me from climbing up the walls. I was very grateful, and last year finally managed to buy it.

Unfortunately I don’t have as strong a back as I used to, so neither the Gateway nor my old Sony managed to be much of a portable resource. Over the last couple of weeks, especially as I’ve been gearing up to run to classes, I decided to re-visit the laptop scene and maybe try to pick up one of the machines I had been drooling over when I left China. Today I received a beautiful used 12” sony notebook in the mail, and it is making me very happy.

Essentially, starting this week I’ll be able to be another step towards paper-less in my activities. It won’t be useful for things like choir practice where everything comes out on paper anyway, but for my classes it is another step to less trees being used. I have to think about what I think about using the laptop as compared in consumption to using paper, but this will also be less dead weight for me. Makes me happy overall.

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