my chill is busted

Last week I did a great job of being zen.  People were flipping out about the moving project, I stayed chill.  Drifted off to New York with no instructions… everything was chill.  Forgot a couple of songs I had to lead on Sunday, didn’t matter.  I maintained my chill and it all worked out beautifully.  My theme song has become “don’t bust my chill,” which I plan to incorporate into a bit of a musical number that will rock the universe the way that Bill and Ted were going to change the future.

This week I am having issues. I believe the crux of it is I am tired and cranky, and life manages to get all cranky right back at me when I lose my chill. I am incredibly frustrated with a TA from my sustainability class because, redundancy of redundancies, she wants homeworks handed in online AND in print.  So much for saving paper.  What is the class about? What is most American’s greatest waste product?  If she can’t read on screen, fine.  Personally, I think she should print them out herself if that’s what she needs.  None of this “i need them to comment on,” because email is just fine for commenting (which I found out from one of my classes last semester).  I assure you, if we’re handing it in using 2 formats, one is not being used. That pisses me off just as much.

My wireless card is not working in the little tiny sony laptop, and i’m 2 steps away from a clean install because my chill is busted. Someone hacked my website and broke the gallery, which i’m trying to rebuild with all that free time i have. This is after the front page of the site got hacked. I know, I should be to blame for not beefing up my own security measures, but it’s a simple little personal site.  This should not be a big deal!

Not like it has my name on it, but someone walked off with my fav mug from the dry rack.  See what I get for washing my dishes?  Here i was preventing mold, and now I pay the price of using a mug that is meaningless to me and doesn’t make me smile every time I look at it. It’s the simple tiny things that bring me peace.

I also almost got run over on my walk to work by an elderly couple returning from Ash Wednesday service. At least they didn’t send me ankle deep into ice water, which is what happened to me last night on my way home.

I’m holding up ok to the moving project at work (though I’m never around to chat because of it).  Unfortunately, my body is taking a beating: 4 pretty bruises, tough dry hands, and pine splinters that i mostly manage to remove at the end of every day. Hopefully my knuckles and calluses will finish toughening up after this week so that they don’t feel puffy and painful at the end of the day.

Ok, hopefully that was enough kvetching to get it out of my system so I can recover from the busted chill.  I miss my chill.

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