The past few months have been filled with finishing classes, taking a very fulfilling politics class, along with some generally being bored lonely and feeling general malaise about life.  It’s not like anything’s particularly bad or anything, i just haven’t felt really motivated and moved by anything more than laughing at celebrities.
I’ve been doing a lot of scul stuff though, and it’s the mainstay of keeping me somewhat happy as it’s a good group of people and keeps me entertained. It’s been the right combination of accomplishing things and being challenging at the same time.  There have been moments of tension within the group this year, or as one friend aptly put it “psychodrama,” and there have been awesome things too.

So tonight I’m going on a century, I actually ended up organizing it.  I’m crazy, and it’ll be fun. 100 miles from Haverhill back to Somerville, sticking to the coast and checking out the Atlantic almost the entire way. You know, when the sea level rises I’d have to do this from a lot further inland, so woo taking advantage of the moment while it’s there!

Yup, I’m real positive!

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