i’m stupid, and i love it

Well, ok, maybe not stupid, but extremely forgetful when it comes to my stuff.

So I have been holding in sorrow and distress at losing my sketchbook. It’s been easy to ignore considering problems going on amongst those in my social circles, but it was bothering me. I have a great couple of plan pieces in there for some larger paintings that i want to do, as well as a stained glass project, and i don’t want to cook that stuff up again.

I also have ideas for a gift for Steve, which i need to paint and send to him out in Indiana.

Funny enough, there was a bag on my hook on Level 2. I had sort of been ignoring it, but this morning i noticed my moving gloves were in there (which i also hadn’t been able to find). I had the bag when i was over cleaning the drydocks basement for Hapto Day. That is to say, the weekend at the end of July.

I don’t know why i looked at the bag this morning. I bought a couple of new little sketchbook surrogates yesterday while mulling around Harvard Square before heading to Charlie’s for Bubo’s birthday gettogether. I started drawing and writing in one of them.

Still, it’s like i got my baby back. I am relieved.

I lose stuff in this sort of manner a few times a year, and I try to be zen and let it go, but it’s hard. Maybe I fake it well. I mean, what have i lost this year? I lost Steve’s address, I lost a library book, I lost my sketchbook, and I lost $100. Of all those things, the only one still missing is the $100. Call me crazy, but I think I’ve won.

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