conversations and plant disease

rewarding conversations are quite invigorating.  this is something that makes me happy because sometimes i worry that i will only get this kind of buzz off of things like a politics class, or talking about things that other people do.  This week, I’ve been fortunate enough to toss around ideas with two different people in a way that has been exciting… it’s like finding a bright shiny cute pretty thing in the street and rejoicing greatly.

I’ve decided I’d like to know more about plant diseases, particularly those that morph a plant’s growth to its own purposes… growing some parasite’s plant body and fruit into the leaves of some other tree, while not killing the tree, just preventing it from reproducing.

To be clear, this may be death in a way because you are preventing propigation of the tree itself, but in my estimation if those kinds of mechanisms could be tapped, then couldn’t we get trees or other plants to manufacture things what we would find useful without actually having to form them?  I think particularly of trees because there is the ability to go with harder wood/bark structures.  I mean, given that we can grow ears on mice, why not grow ready made spoons on trees?  This could be said of any number of useful implements.

Sure, it may not be the cure for cancer, but it’s the potential to leave trees in the ground and reduce some areas of manufacturing while still producing but also banking in on plant respiration.

Besides, the artistic idea of a tree with spoons hanging off of it is a lot of fun.

If you extend the idea to those crazy multi-fruit trees, imagine growing a whole range of utensils off of one tree.

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