haiku and musings from earlier this week

I’ve got a new little notebook, and I’ve been putting things in it, and they amuse me. I may scan in the little doodles sometime later today to add to this post.

ride a bicycle
all day long you’ll have good luck
or just chop it up.

never look again
squealing voices, so heinous
karaoke time

you’ll have to imagine the scribblings of falling bunnies from the last season of ANTM, a singing bunny, some skulls, unhappy music notes, a guy in a straight jacket, and an EPU little smarmy logo.

Oh pholadidae
you look inappropriate
spread across my desk.

To Devastation
on this our reunion day
you’re such a sweet ride.

蜗牛 The second character in the Chinese word for snail is cow… why is it a cow? Is it the constant grazing? How do you say slug anyhow?

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