exhausted but restless

it’s been a busy week, but i feel like a slacker. I don’t know why. Maybe because everything i’ve been doing has been fun.

I went bowling last Wednesday, which was much more fun than i remember. Thursday i went for a ride and later managed to learn how to replace cotters, and use a makeshift cotter press. Friday I rode a happy happy civvie bike. It practically sings it rides so much better. In between all of this, I did some cleaning.

Saturday was brunch, panty shopping, and a casino. Lesson learned: I hate casinos but i’ll go if friends ask. Also, I do a great job staying up all night and driving. The designated driver of it all reminded me of high school and early Hampshire days, before I just started crashing wherever I ended up. Nowadays I generally walk home, so a 100 mile drive was a change of pace. I don’t know how anyone has fun at casinos while sober.

Sunday was more cleaning, and repairing a laptop. I was sitting around downloading drivers forever, so I gave myself a sharpie tattoo all the way up my arm.  Next was returning the car from Saturday, and off to meet a buddy on the South Shore to practice some bocce. I need to play more often to work on my throw. I’ve got some semblance of nice throws, but it’s too inconsistent. Then back to Somerville for Masokist’s going away party at Redbones. It was highly amusing, and the BBC Scotch ale was wonderful.

This week is going to stay busy. I’ll have a houseguest starting tomorrow, and we actually seem to have a bunch of stuff to do. I want to go see Cabaret this week over at MIT. I picked up some henna, I’ve been told we have to bake cookies, and Wednesday night is the MFA. Also, I’ve invited my family over for Labor Day… the first time they’ll have been to this house since I’ve lived here.

I suppose I better develop a menu. Likely I will hit up the Union Sq. Farmer’s Market to round out my plans, but I need to get it together in thinking of dishes, especially since my brother’s family is very traditional-foods oriented.

Tonight is my night off, more or less, and I painted. I won’t say what I did was wonderful, but the process was so much fun. I stayed up 2 hours past when I intended because I was so excited about where this all is going. I’ve got a good chunk of work done on one painting. Probably 1/3 of the work. I also did some test splashes on a piece of photo paper to prep for another piece.

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