bicycles are a labor of love

I’ve been so happy with the bikes I’ve been riding, and then when I got home from brunch on Saturday with some pans I left at Hapto’s, my front tire exploded. I cannot say that I’m thrilled. These alien babies and bleeding eardrums have got to go. Last time it was my rear tire that blew out, so I feel like the bike is reapproaching some sense of equilibrium. Remember I said this one is crabby with me? Maybe it wants a name like everyone else. I’ll take any suggestions under advisement, but anything that suits a crabby late 30s or early 40 year old would be appreciated.

I spent some time with my folks on Sunday, and then when I got home worked on these great wristwarmers I designed last year. Essentially it’s a fair isle pattern of shells bubbles and a big squid. I find the whole process a lot of fun because it’s painting one pixel at a time. I also got quite a bit done painting this weekend, and finished one piece. Now I have to figure out how i want to frame it, since it’s off of a reject piece of board from work. I’ll have to look through the stack of frames I have and figure out who is a good fit.

I also started painting up one of the weird 80s album covers I got from Hapto of this woman in a glitzy dress looking off into the middle of nowhere. It’s a great image, so I am working bunnies into it looking off into space with her. It makes me giggle because i think of them wondering what the heck she’s looking at. Her eyes are a little over-wide and bizarre, and her makeup is classy. It’ll be a fun piece when I’m done with it.

Meanwhile I need to come up with images for the rest of the wood blocks I have.

I start classes next Monday, so the amount of time I’ll have to work on this stuff will plummet, so I’m trying to get as much done as I can now. Any ideas for amusing bunny paintings, please drop me a line. Of late I’ve had a lot of fun making dancing bunnies.

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