new hero

Ok, I have a new hero.  I’m listening to Nellie McKay from On Point from last week.  She sings retro-sounding music ranging from 1920’s to the 1950’s, but sings fairly interesting activist charged topics.  In her song Mother of Pearl she sings things like “Feminist’s don’t have a sense of humor… they have a tumor on their funny bone.”  She sounds so mellow and whimsical and almost vaudeville, but then you listen to the words…

and I just laugh endlessly.

Also, she’s sounds so rewardingly unassuming.

I listen to music for one of two reasons, either i really like the sound of it, or i really like what it’s trying to get at. This stuff is definitely a share between the two, though of late I’ve been going more with the sound motivation.  Why?  In many ways I am tired of the effort it takes to find music that i find motivational that doesn’t sound like crap.  Yes, I said crap.  I want technically interesting compositions.  Tall order?  I suppose, but it’s my ears we’re talking about, and i will listen to pretty much any genre (though yes, I kinda avoid country).

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