welcome to friday

So it’s the end of the week.  It’s been a pretty good week.  I finished fighting off being really sick, I got a lot of illustrations pencilled in, I started a new little bunny-themed flipbook, i nailed down a Question and hypothesis for my thesis, i spent some time with a new friend, and i even managed to find a new mashup that i am embarassedly infatuated with.

Add to this, I came up with a great bizarre post-apocalyptic costume idea for halloween.  If I get my crap together it will afford me the chance to make some clothes, do my hair all funky, and make a mask.

I’m having another community dinner this week.  I’m hoping to get people together to fly kites next Saturday.

All big yays, in my book.

I even managed to repost some semblance of a gallery for the site.

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