Inspired by Belgians: breakfast for dinner

So I throw these big dinners at my place every 2 weeks, and this week being no exception i wanted to aim for something on the easier side. (the past has seen full 7 dish Puerto Rican meals, fancy soups, and a full reminisce of my life in China as dinner) This meant I decided to make breakfast for dinner.

Other people brought stuff, so I made a thorough exploration of the world of pancakes.

Working from BA I was able to make framboise pancakes; however I made some alterations. I found that the syrup was a little too thin, so a little more chocolate was added… i would love to try doing this again with a little of the Vosgues fire bar. I also added a little bit of real raspberry into the sauce, just a smidge that were thoroughly mashed. Honestly, this was more to make the color super pretty.

I did not add chocolate to the cakes themselves, as I’m not that big a chocolate fan. One thing not mentioned in the recipe is how absolutely amazing the framboise smells in those pancakes! (I used the Boon Framboise) I had a hard time plating it because I just wanted to sit there and smell them on the griddle.

I also made banana pancakes using a more traditional pancake recipe, and finally another set of pancakes using Westmalle Tripel instead of milk (which was great for the lactose intolerant crowd). Everything cooked up beautifully, so if the pancakes aren’t behaving all I have to say is thicken or thin the batter.

The next item to tackle for these 2 sets of cakes was the toppings:

Pear and maple syrup cooked and softened, and heated to reduce with Biere de Miel. I loved this combo, and non-beer drinkers were going crazy over it, and it even compelled a few to try the beer.

Peach nectar reduced with mango chunks and a bit of honey… i got this nice and hot, reduced as much as i had the patience for, chilled it, then threw half of it in the blender to thicken up the sauce. A great hit and served alongside a peach lambic.

Pina Colada… yes, you heard me right. Pina colada mix (canned form Goya) was on sale, and I’m crazy about sales. I heated this up, added mango chunks and a little bit of banana, a splash of rum, heated to reduce, chilled, then threw it in the blender. It looks like babyfood, and makes an amazing syrup.

I also had straight up strawberries in syrup, and plain maple syrup. The idea was to give people as many options as possible.

The Westmalle and Biere de Miel were both sampled alongside all the food, and they complemented really nicely in a way that wasn’t what they tasted like in the beers. There was also a bottle of Slaapmutske Triple Nightcap served up at the end, as well as some Biere d´Art for the more adventurous.

All my food was on the sweet side, though there were some savory additions in a more potluck fashion to round out the meal. It was a great venture, and I’m looking to whip up a beer stew in two weeks, and I’ll be sure to post the results.

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