the art of getting things done

Focus is a big challenge, at least to me.  I am constantly wanting to do several things at the same time. I wish sometimes that life allowed me to follow my whims. That way i could spend more time on whatever it is that is catching my interest.  I know that’s the way places like Colorado College work.

Occasionally work is like that, though not quite at the moment.  The next “fun” challenge will come in the spring where we get to move all of B room into new cabinets.  That sounds like a chore, but i actually enjoy organizing things that are a total disaster, and figuring out a good way to do it.

Things i have accomplished of late: I finished the painting i posted yesterday, and last night i went and saw Shark Water, a movie about the decimation of shark populations around the globe.  The film had absolutely beautiful and horrific footage. I loved it, and it totally moved me to tears, and I found about some activist organizations that I had no idea existed before.  All in all, a success.  Yesterday I also went to a retirement party of two people at the museum, and that really had me thinking about the choices we make in life and the impact we make our communities. I am glad to know that vertebrate paleontologists working in Greenland traded Butterfingers like money.

I went to the opening of the New Amsterdam Project, a company a friend is involved with where she is designing cargo bikes.

I started five small new paintings last night, laying down all my blues, and that includes my first lost hubcap painting, and I followed that up today after brunch by starting another small painting by laying down a series of purples. That’s six paintings under way, and a great productivity level.

I also responded to a letter from a friend in China, so I spent a good hour composing a two page letter in Chinese speaking about my state of mind and what is going on for me. Having spent a little time reading the letter that was written to me, I was glad to be able to respond at length.  Just when I worry that my language skills are going out the window, I find that the gears in my brain still turn that way.

Then, in the late afternoon I hosted the first “Stitch and Bitch” of the off-season.  It was fun.  People were making puppets that were pretty amazing, or at least one person repaired a puppet while helping someone else make a puppet. The whole process was fascinating to me since I’ve only ever done some clothing repair and made an apron.  Aprons, to be clear, are far easier to construct than a three dimensional object.  My project this evening has been a small stuffed animal bear.  This is mostly to give myself the experience of creating something more three dimensional out of fabric because I want to try to build my bunnies out of fabric. I think it would be a lot of fun and a great challenge for myself.  This little corduroy bear is a great step in the right direction in terms of learning some useful stitches for the project, trying to sew something closed that has stuffing in it, and learning what I like and don’t like about building a critter. It’s a rough shot, but it’s fairly cute.  Now I’m going to sign off of this blog entry so I can try to finish up that stitching.  Who knows, maybe Monday I’ll show you what he looks like.

Tomorrow I’m off to an illustration workshop in Western MA.  With any luck I will come home and spend some time sharing my feelings about the shark film.  I don’t want to do it right now because it gives me a lot of mixed feelings that I’m not quite ready to share yet.  Soon though.

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