late post

I should have posted my Sunday post sooner, but I was out and about.

In fact, I was out of town.

If you didn’t catch on, today we turned the clocks back (woo). I left my house at the ripe hour of 5:40 to bike on over to Casey’s house, and she in turn drove us out to Amherst. We went to the Eric Carle Picture Book Museum for an illustration workshop with Tony DiTerlizzi. His work on The Spiderwick Chronicles is currently being featured in an exhibit focusing on the story’s translation to the screen. The movie will be out in February, and it looks pretty awesome.

I made a sketch of a sphynx for the workshop, and I’m very happy with it. I hope to morph it into a larger piece with just a bit more study and work, but I really like the direction the idea is going in, and I’d like to use the project as an idea for building a more substantial piece of art.

Meanwhile I also got down another couple of sketches while hanging out with Casey and catching up on all the episodes of Dexter. I made a sort of disturbing denuded fairy, that i think was injured or assaulted. There’s also some sketches for ideas featuring an elephant that should be fun, actually a couple of sketch ideas there. Finally there’s a piece that is the study for the complimentary bunny painting that will go along with the piece I did last week.

I’m very happy to have some progress on that. It’s been a very productive weekend.

On a sad note, I accidentally left my first off teeny tiny teddy bear at the museum. It’s ok, I’m hoping he found a good home there and will bring someone joy with his hot pink sequin eyes. I will try to get another one done this week.

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