miscellaneous thoughts

I remembered to do some things today, which is good. I voted, picked up groceries, and did a few organizational tasks. I even pulled out the books that have to go back to the library tomorrow.

I cannot remember what I said last week or so that I really wanted to mention and talk about. This infuriates me because it means I don’t really feel like talking about anything else.

While working through the backlog today there were two tiny octopi that I catalogued. Tomorrow I will put them in fresh ethanol in a new jar. They are both smaller than the tip of my thumb, and the head of each critter is smaller than my pinkie fingernail. There is some sense of adorable in looking at them. I’ve seen larger octopi that look dangerous and threatening, which makes me wonder how much of the concept of “danger” is tied into the perception of size.

Tangentially, I made a few study sketches of elephants for something else I would like to do, and I went to check out the small elephant on display in the collection, and all I can say is that their legs are downright spindly looking considering how massive the body is.

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