frustrations and food

Ever have one of those mornings where all that comes out of your mouth is expletives? That’s been my morning. Last night, while trying to do some research reading, I just kinda fell asleep. I was worn out. This meant I did not start pre-cooking my steel cut oats for breakfast, nor did I take a shower. The heat is on in the house, which leaves me in a constant state of slightly drugged.

After getting up and taking a shower, I decided to use the short route and nuke the steel oats. I sealed up the bowl and got it in the microwave while I went upstairs to comb my hair and get dressed. I also turned off the soup I made for lunch and dinner. After getting ready and coming back downstairs, I opened the microwave to see that my breakfast had exploded all over the place. Yes I sealed the container, however it appears that the generic Shaws plastic wrap is not up to the task of keeping the oatmeal in the bowl. I confirmed this by cleaning up the microwave, regaining as much oatmeal as i could, and cooking again while I got the soup into containers.

By the time the microwave stopped, it was coated again in oatmeal. It was a silent explosion, because I was right there in the room. I internally fumed because I was already late for work. Stubbornness took over and I salvaged what food i could, added some of the pear mixture to it from the dinner last week, and ate it, and made sure I (angrily) enjoyed it.

I’m excited about the soup I have for today and tomorrow. I took butternut squash, black beans, veggie stock, and some grand cru, along with some pepper and oregano to slow cook overnight. It smelled really good this morning, and I love how squash just falls apart to thicken the whole thing up.

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