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It’s been a busy week, in some ways.  I did some watercolors this evening, and now I’m sewing up some little stuffies for fun (and to increase my knowledge of how this sewing thing works for 3D objects).

I spent some time last night nailing down notes for some books I had to return to the library, and then turned my attention to completing a prospectus I forgot to turn in.  I feel like a complete idiot, but my creative streak needs to chill out, or at least be able to turn on to “dim.”

I’m going to a concert tomorrow night.  Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings.  I’m highly excited.

For some stupid reason I bought two tickets. Show is tomorrow, so we’ll see who I get to go with me.

Meanwhile, to go back to the prospectus I wrote, I surprised myself.  At first I wanted to write about Chinese environmental ethics and the relationship to conservation, but the more I wrote up my little summary the more I found myself getting angry, trying to dispel comments that I see riddled throughout the literature, where China is accused of some sort of amazing ignorance to environmental problems.  I hear about that and I actually start to get mad.

It’s the same sort of mad when people say that Anhui is such a poor and backwards place, however did I survive there?

These are bold assumptions that do nothing but frustrate me. If the argument is posed that people in China link pollution to industry but don’t really understand the mechanisms therein, I would argue that the average person in the United States is in roughly the same boat.  I feel like the argument that people don’t have a “deep enough” understanding of the connections can be made about the average person anywhere in the world who does not actually spend some time working on or thinking about environmental science.

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