the fun of a spring pan

I bought a spring pan to use in making dinner this evening.  It was a fun venture to book over to China Fair on my lunch break, and I totally got caught up in admiring the whole store while I was there. I am glad I was limited to “what will fit in my messenger bag.”  That’s a great safety fallback to keep me from buying new droves of pretty plates and glasses.  We don’t need any, but that doesn’t mean I’m not totally drawn in by pretty plates.  They had many many plates in my favorite shade of cobalt blue.

I resisted.  I persevered.

The spring pan is an interesting object.  There’s a sliding bottom and the round pan that makes up the “sides” has a lever that allows the pan to expand.  These are the pans typically used to produce cheesecake.  This evening I made a squash flan, or a squash custard, and this was an excellent tool for cooking this pretty dish.  I will likely make another one for Thanksgiving, because it’s fun, easy, and very pretty. Besides, I now own a spring pan.  I want a different crust than the phyllo dough though.

Also, because of said dinner tonight, I have a bunch of leftover phyllo dough.  Please let me know if there’s something good I can do with it.  I don’t find the stuff much fun, and I do not have the patience to make Baclavah, nor the honey stores.

It was the smallest showing I’ve had since I started these dinners, and it amazes me how everyone gets sick and run down at the same time.  Must be that time of year when seasonal affective disorder and fall colds stars are aligned.

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