ugly betty, and the just plain ugly

Since it started I have been watching Ugly Betty, and it is even fair to say that I am a fan.  I like the challenge of fashion and beauty and utter nerdiness.  I like the inherent challenge of different class levels butting heads, and I love the ability to use the show to laugh at fashion.

The idea that the show allows us to laugh at a bunch of stereotypes is excellent and vindicating in some ways, but on the other hand it’s infurating because, let’s be honest, is anything really any different?  Does the fact that people know and can laugh at the ridiculousness of everything actually manage to change how we think about race, gender, and body image.

One look at celeb and fashion news that rivals the ridiculousness of what they cook up on Ugly Betty makes me sigh sadly and think that we’ve got an awful long way to go, and while I love the show, it’s also a reminder of how much things suck.

Of course, apparently i also live in a hole in the ground and take dirt baths, though I’m not as cute as a chinchilla.

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