sleepiness descends with a cold

this morning was early.  i slept poorly, and managed to eke out maybe three hours. i dragged myself out of bed, hit some of my pre-class jitters, and went about making sure i had all my materials packed up and had a good idea of what i was going to be doing.

this year i did not take advantage of power point. while showing data on graphs is highly useful,  i had problems last year with projectors that had severely discolored regions or didn’t work at all. rather than rest on the technology and be handicapped when it didn’t work, i opted to not use the tech at all.

this was fine for the class on global climate change. it was great to see people across the age range in my class willing to actually talk to each other and throw out ideas.  since a lot of the students were local, they’re the type i may bump into at HSSP come spring.

unfortunately for my “book” class, i forgot a bag of materials, so we couldn’t actually go through the traditional stab binding i wanted to cover in class, but they did make zines, small notebooks and picturebooks, and managed to get ideas from each other and interesting interpretations of what to do with paper, markers, glue sticks, thumb tacks, scissors, and a tiny unpowerful stapler.

walking out of my second class and heading home, i felt waves of “ill” wash over me. i picked up some lunch and did a little work, but i got home and passed out, woke up extremely headachey, and still feel like poo warmed over. i hope to stay home tomorrow and feel recovered enough to make class tomorrow evening.

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