vivo sonhando

So once upon a time i could fancy myself a singer as something I did for some modicum of income. It’s a funny thing for me to think about because I love singing and getting paid for it seems weird in some ways. I get to have fun and enjoy myself while making some money… for some reason that concept seems bizarre to me.

i was listening to last week’s Ritmo Latino podcast, and it’s a lot of latino jazz tunes, which of course means that there’s a good amount of bossa nova in there. I don’t come remotely close to speaking any Portuguese, however when I was living abroad and sang with my buddy Liu Xing, he thought that bossa nova had a great sound for bars. It’s got a good beat, but at the same time it’s chill.

While listening to this podcast from last week, one song that came up was Vivo Sonhando, a Jobim song. It’s a great song, and one i had to learn. Also, a song Liu Xing gave me a bass line for, so I had to learn how to play something totally different from what i was singing. It took me a long time to be able to do both without making faces. I was still making funny faces when we started playing the song in bars. Back when we were still practicing Liu Xing recorded a practice, so I actually have a copy of us performing the tune.

If you’re brave enough, you can listen to me making music. I actually had it easy. All I had to do was play the bass and sing. Liu Xing had this crazy setup to play the sand egg and the guitar at the same time… i remember setting up a crazy little stand thing out of office supplies that he could hit with his foot, so if the rhythm wanders a bit, it’s because the makeshift tool was being sucky, or the egg was slipping.

I won’t say it’s wonderful, I won’t even say it’s very good, but it’s something I did. I butcher the portuguese, i slip up on the bass line repeatedly, but i still did it. this is from a time in my life that was pretty constantly fun and rewarding. I look at my sketchbook from then, I look at various writing i did back then… i was maybe a little lonely, but i was having a great time and making all kinds of things. It’s funny how listening to another recording of a song I covered back in 2003 or so can make me all nostalgic.

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