sometimes things get lost.  it’s a sad thing, to lose something… especially something you use every day.  i usually go through phases of disliking myself when i lose things.  it’s one of the situations in which i find it hard to let go.

just before going out for new year’s eve, i took a shower.  as is usual, i took out my claw earrings and put them in the little sink tray.  no different than any other time i take a shower.  after the shower and combing out my hair, when i went to pick them up, i knocked one of them alongside the sink.  this usually causes me to have to fumble to get it out of a 2 inch slit, but it actually slid somewhere behind the molding of the sink.  i’m not about to ask anyone to reinstall the sink just to get a little stainless steel claw.

of course, i don’t want to lose my ear gauge either… but i was managing to not be absolutely angry.  this made defining an alternative a rather serene task rather than a frustrated storm.

this is much like when i usually break my glasses and go for a year or more with a safety pin in them rather than actually get a new screw.  I’m just like that.

i still had one earring, so i could compare and look for something roughly resembling 6ga in my room. Strangely enough, the 1.5 inch binder rings that you use to hold index cards work beautifully, so I’ve been wearing what amount to hoops all week.  it’s not a look people are used to seeing me in, so i’ve actually had some comments approving of the earrings or remarking how big they are.  It is funny that no one notices i am wearing office supplies in my ears.

New ear arty stuff is scheduled to arrive from bodyartforms on the 9th.  i look forward to it, though i am pleased to know i can change things up with these binder rings.

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