So I’m back at work after having trudged in through the snow.  I’ll give you a little update.  I didn’t post at all last week.  I was busy finishing up my coursework for the fall semester.  It’s all done now, which is a big sigh of relief, and I even got feedback and a grade for one of the classes already.

Meanwhile, I’ve been in the habit of coordinating friday post-work drinks with friends. It gets me up and about, and it’s been interesting to try and check out a new bar or two every week. I like it, I just need to branch out beyond just the bars. The company is always good, i usually manage to do a little sketching and have some interesting conversations.  Plus i get to learn places i like to hang around in the area.

This past week was the lowest attendance thus far, but that also is freeing in a way because i can flit.  After a couple of drinks I got to go see a fellow scul pilot sing in a Rom music band, Rakiya.  They were excellent, and I got to learn a few folk dance moves, which was interesting.  After that, while i was heading home I got a call from Candice to come hang out for drinks, which took me to Noir for the first time.  You know, it’s interesting that there are places I feel under-dressed to walk into, which makes me uncomfortable. I went anyway, but it’s a bizarre sensation.

There’s definitely something to be said for varying scales of social engagement. Saturday was a meeting and then hitting a couple of other places.  I ran into i5cari0t, which was excellent.

I think it was Saturday that i was talking about fun 80s music and the song “Maneater” came up… you know, the Hall and Oates tune?  You remember it right?  It came to mind because I’m listening to all80sradio today at work (thank goodness Megaseth recommended that one).

(Oh-oh, here she comes) Watch out boy she’ll chew you up
(Oh-oh, here she comes) She’s a maneater
(Oh-oh, here she comes) Watch out boy she’ll chew you up
(Oh-oh, here she comes) She’s a maneater
I wouldn’t if I were you
I know what she can do
She’s deadly man, she could really rip your world apart
Mind over matter
Ooh, the beauty is there but a beast is in the heart (lyrics)

The song was originally released in 1982. It was a big hit and all over the place. I was a youngun’ then, and I listened to all the music i could.  Not that I don’t still do that, but I don’t listen to the radio much anymore, so I’m less in touch with the bleeding edge of pop music. I used to bring my own interpretation to music. Back in the day I thought this song was about Ms Pac Man. I even had a little video running in my head of the pink bow toting circle running around gobbling up all the ghost boys.

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