splash on wheels

It has been a very fun 36 or so hours. I started off Saturday with breakfast with friends and good chatting.  I managed to make it over to Hub Comics again, and picked some new comics that I really like.  If that sort of thing floats your boat, check out Umbrella Academy.

I spent some time finishing up my class handouts, and ended up collating copies well into my evening.  This was fine as it’s nice to do prep work for classes. Then I made it over to LSC for the sci-fi movie marathon.  I got to geek out, it was great.  My favorite feature of the evening: The Host. If you like giant animal movies, don’t mind subtitles, and like humor with your suspense and creature animation, this is the movie for you!

The marathon meant i was up all night.  This was actually a lot of fun.  My legs are a little sore (26-100 does not rock the comfy seats), but otherwise my spirits are fantastic.  I hobbled over to the student center with a friend, and managed to get some coffee in me before getting on the bus to Fitchburg.  Today was Splash on Wheels… an excuse for me to teach a class in something fun out somewhere i would probably not go otherwise.

My class on fantasy drawing went really well.  I enjoyed getting to know my students a bit, and getting them to come out of their shells a little bit creatively.  It was awesome getting them to talk about creatures they invented themselves. I also got to see Josh, who i see altogether too seldom. I sat through his “non-linear thinking” class, which was a great refresher on the subject matter. The class could aptly be titled “reasons why the real world may sometimes have a hard time understanding an ehawk.”  I find the perspective refreshing. I, of course, doodled studiously the whole time. I’ll give you a sort of preview:

“There are two kinds of people in the world; Linear and Non-linear.” Does that description sound familiar to you? That is the view of the world held by mostly Linear Thinkers. You are one of us or you are not one of us.
Non-linear thinking is merely a catch-all category for many different approaches to examination and expression of ideas and concepts. These approaches can have so little in common that to refer to them with a common descriptor is laughable.” (this was one description used once upon a time for this session)

I have also managed, over the last 36 hours, to only get two hours of sleep.  My body is very pleased with me that i am curled up and not moving anymore, though it is still way too early to go to bed. I may crack out some Deadwood and do some knitting.

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