prettiest sea slugs or alien invaders

today i had to go fishing around for what i think are the prettiest mollusk images to update the department’s website… and i was so happy i remembered the Man O War Slug (Glaucus atlanticus) because it’s just so so so pretty. The best picture i found (or actually 2 different glaucus species) was so good that i have to share. Even though i hate white backgrounds, this is probably going to be my computer background for a while.

We have a few of these guys in our alcohol collection… though they bleach out over time in ethanol… but that’s how i knew to look for them in the first place.  The little guy can be found around our waters, but the big guy is actually known more around australia and
eats the portuguese man o war… which is pretty neat.  They just swim through the open ocean like pretty alien bird-like things.

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