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so I don’t use GPS, but i love the idea, and we’ve had lots of mapping talk and some training here at work for GIS, though my department
doesn’t really deal in it since the vast majority of our collection only has information as detailed as “right side of Waianae Ridge, Hawaii,” or “near New Caledonia,” (the wonders of collecting in the 1940s).  Still, the mammal, fish, and herp departments are taking more advantage of the technology, and collecting that information over time is downright sexy from a biological, population dynamical, and ecological point of view.

Last year I met a great guy from Taiwan who writes about human interactions with mollusks across cultures and ecological zones (not
to mention we got to get down in Chinese and he loved my giant squid t-shirt and we talked about the related news story).  His camera was fitted with GPS stuff to actually automatically input data for each picture he was taking. I try not to visually drool and covet other people’s things, but this was just too
much for me. We took pictures in varying parts of the department and watched the information adjust.  SO much fun.  I also got to tell him about wampum, and you would not believe how excited he was.  (He also appreciated my knowledge of that vet at the Taiwanese zoo who got his arm ripped off by a Nile crocodile.)

Anyhow, my friend Christian was writing further about geophotography, and I’m highly interested and buzzed about the whole thing, so I
thought I’d share.

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