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Here’s a little entertainment overview from my point of view.

Of late I’ve been watching Kino’s Journey. I think it’s a beautiful show, if a little out there and bizarre.  Of course, what do you expect from overly introspective anime?  I made a friend watch the “cute bunny episode” last night… and if you are aware of the show at all, you realize that my titling is a little off. It’s a quite morbid episode, but I like it a lot… and the bunnies are cute. I’d definitely say it’s a show worth checking out.  While some of the promo material looks cutesy, the whole thing has a steampunk feel to it.

Also in the steampunk vein of things, Theme Planet is worth checking out.  I am currently using this image from their site as my desktop background.  It’s hot and awesome.  I love it.

Today while catching up on webcomics I came across an ad for Dresden Codak, and I have to say I’m absolutely in love with the work.  It’s pretty, crisp, cute, has a Tiny Carl Jung, and tons of science references. The most recent comic references Star Trek TNG, and that amuses me greatly.

Let’s skip back to that cute but morbid theme mentioned earlier… it’s definitely worth checking out this io9 post with the video for Space Alone.

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