boy toy

i finished reading a book last night, the first novel i’ve read in a very long time, and definitely the first something “for fun” that i’ve read in years that wasn’t a comic book and didn’t somehow relate to my field of study.

Boy Toy is a story about high school experiences, surviving abuse, and growing up… with a smattering of math and baseball.  I devoured this 400 page novel in no time, it’s definitely an easy read.

The most interesting and thought-provoking part of this story to me is how the way we deal with the aftermath of abuse, the reactions of people who are inherently responsible for protecting a child and finding out what happened to a child, can cause an equal if not greater amount of damage to the child.  There isn’t a perfect way to handle the aftermath of abuse, but reading through this book there were all sorts of highlights, to me at least, of what not to do.  I was especially intrigued because the main character is extremely intelligent, so the way he internalizes what’s happened and his role is more in line with people I know and experiences we’ve talked about.  Definitely an excellent book and uplifting, despite the rather depressing subject matter.

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