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Clearly the various shows giving information on the presidential nomination process feel like they are repeating themselves, because it seems like “scathing” is no longer a unique and effective word.  The mud slinging is so common that it was time to activate thesaurus power, and as any high school student knows… the more syllables the better.

This often provides me with potential fodder for etymological consideration.  At least we can all learn some big words as a result of campaign mudslinging, because otherwise I’m not getting anything in terms of a real understanding of candidate standing and plans for what they are going to be doing.

Yes, I’m a bit bitter.

So the word of the day?  Vituperative, the adjective of the verb vituperate.

The campaign has devolved into a series of vituperative remarks.

definition: scathing, marked by harsh abusive criticism

Latin roots: vitium = fault, blemish; perare = prepare, provide.

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