can YOU feel it?

Nothing says amazing like a groovy song that creates the world. What’s awesome about the full theatrical music video of The Jackson’s Can You Feel It is that there are numerous sci-fi movie sounds, including some from Star Wars. Serious. Michael Jackson shoots stars out of his head into the sky.

The video is gloriously trippy and overdone with sound affects. The super space god Jacksons are pretty neat as they rain down lines of stars and rainbows on the people of the world. I almost feel like I’m watching an overdone skittles ad.

Oh, and there’s some great windmill guitar motions there as well.

Nothing says “we rule the world” like a music video full of your band as part of the creation story, and spreading diversity with sandy stars from your hands. While I don’t think this song will be playing when we sign the world peace treaty, I think this song should be included in the afterparty mix.

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