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I’ve been listening to a new Pandora station that I’ve titled “Can you Feel It (Shame).”  The songs that input the station are all based on funky disco stuff that generally makes me happy and productive, and while i sit at my desk i get to bop back and forth while doing work.

Occasionally the tune Boogie Wonderland comes up, and of late it makes me think of Happy Feet because they use that song quite a bit. It’s an excellent use of a piece of music in another context that gets people moving.

Unfortunately the movie is one of those chest clenching “I think I’m going to cry” type of movies for me.  I know what you’re saying… it’s a cartoon.  Why should you be so moved over a cartoon.  In this case, it’s not the coming of age story that gets me… it’s the environmental message.

It’s not that it’s inaccurate of anything, I’m just not that optimistic.  As I see it, the problem is not what the movie is talking about.  The problem is not that people don’t know there are things wrong in the environment.  People know, they just don’t care enough to change the way they do things.  In my estimation, for a lot of people, the alternatives are often beyond what people can deal with financially, or are too inconvenient to be worth it.  Those are things that potentially change over time, but I believe consumption to the point of excess, while inherently bad, is an intrinsic part of the American Way… and you can’t tell people that they can’t have or shouldn’t have something.

So when i get all teary eyed when i watch Happy Feet… it’s not that I find the acceptance into the group or the realization and motion to change environmental policy moving… that’s not it.  It’s that I WISH things were that easy, that i could have that optimism to believe that just letting people know could be enough to make them change.

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