science and civilization in China

As a follow up to yesterday’s post… I currently have in my possession, on loan from the Harvard library, volume 6 part 5 of Science and Civilization of China.  This particular volume was published well after the death of Joseph Needham, but nonetheless, is made from his painstaking research on China.

You may wonder why on earth I have Volume 6 part 5, which he didn’t write, rather than anything at or before volume 6 part 3, which he did write.

The answer is quite simple.  The title of volume 6 part 5 is as follows: Biochemical technology: Fermentation and Food Science.  You will note that pages 149 through 291 are about alcoholic beverages, and 7 of those pages are specifically about beer. Needham did do some proofing and editorial work on this volume before he passed away in 1995.  I look forward to giving some of this information a read tonight while sipping on some Southern Tier Barleywine.

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