sometimes i am kinda domestic

… and i find this to be absolutely hysterical because it is very far outside my nature.

Yesterday I scored some fabric off of freecycle. It was right down the street from work, and i made it a lunchtime project to retrieve. I went through the stash making a mental list of what i could use for various stuffy art stuff, and then i found this material that absolutely screamed recognition of the fabric of the futon in the living room.

Because of this, and because I’ve been wanting something as a head rest when i conk out and read comics, I decided to make some throw pillows. I’ve been wanting to make some because I don’t believe in buying them, but nothing i have has really screamed “pillow!” in my stash. So last night I made some throw pillows. I have ideas for throws for the black couch in the same room, but I actually need more stuffing, and stuffing is slow to comeby in the trash-picking and the ensuring things are clean. I have to wait until it shows up on freecycle, generally. Still, I will need new pillows soon, so maybe I will just gut those and use them.

Anyhow, my housemate was kind enough to both notice and send me a picture of these pillows, and i figured I’d share it with you.


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