Yesterday was a free day for me, so I had the opportunity to do something fun. It was also raining, so aside from cleaning in the kitchen, I didn’t have a lot hanging over my head.  I spent some time in the morning cleaning up digital images, which is good to do, but infuriating and time consuming at the same time (if i could find my external mouse this would not be so much of a problem).

In the afternoon I decided to start a couple of watercolor paintings, based on monsters I have, not like the guy I did tuesday, but more like the pieces I used in Monsters of Industry. I’m liking the detail so far, though I’m a little frustrated with the green monster.  When I’m happy with the paints, I’ll go back in with pen for details.


This guy is adorable, but about to meet his demise.  I feel bad for him, but I like the motion.


This guy, on the other hand, is sitting in a radiator system, getting dizzy as anything when things are really going… maybe that’s why the uncomfortable posture.

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