and even more snowflakes

I haven’t gotten to my massive paper cut that I want to do for the wall, but I did get 3 more snowflakes up last night.


Here’s a skull-cog flake of sorts.  I am a little frustrated that I eyeballed one half-circle really well to make the cogs, but the other ones turned out more oval.  A ruler is a truly useful tool I should use more often.



This guy is a wrench flake that i came up with while at work.  I am now out of ideas for good bike-related things that make good repetitive images.  My next task is to finish an origami-lily star and then get started on a giant snowflake, possibly 36″ in diameter, if not 24″.

I am infuriated at the amount of geometry I’ve forgotten, as I keep trying to be a little predictive when I think up shapes that will work for this and what to figure out how many repetitions will be in the cut, which depends on how many times I fold the paper.

Still, I am happy to find something “pretty” to do with all this old sun-bleached construction paper I have sitting around. I have visions of smaller interlocking forms once I get tired of the bigger stuff.

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