monsters and ghost girls

I finished up another 3 snowflakes and got them hanging, which is great.  I’ve had a few compliments on them which is happy-making.  They’re very much distracting me from getting some painting done, but I have finished up 3 pieces this week and I shouldn’t hold out.  You’ll recognize the monster pieces.


As a general exercise, I learned from both this and the next piece that some watercolors just don’t have the pigment saturation I want.  I spent a lot of time fighting for the colors i wanted.


While i like the color better in the green monster piece, the setting in the second really makes it for me, so I feel better about the whole thing.  Helps that I was really looking at a radiator fan.


These ghost girls are just cute.  I don’t really have much else to say about them.  They got scribbled down one day as an attempt to merge the more cartoon-y things I do with the swirly abstract things I like to do. I am happy to see them with some color, considering they were languishing in a sketchbook for altogether too long.

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