turbo snowflake

I hosted a craft night at my house tonight (thursday), and I’m glad people came and partook and made stuff. It made me feel like much less of a dork. When everyone left by 10pm, i realized that i was obsessed with what i was working on, and by the time i hung the piece I was tired enough to forget where the hooks i needed were, even though i’d just put them right in front of me. I managed to get to that “losing my mind” point where I’d just wander into another room, completely forget what i was doing, then go back to what i was doing only to forget what i had been doing.

That may sound horrible, but in my head it means i’m really committed, and there’s some satisfaction in that.

I don’t think I’ve really sculpturally played with paper in a really long time, so this whole venture has been much fun. Still, I look forward to going back to doing smaller pieces that do more for rounding out the room.

The paper for this cut was 36″ in length, and it was remnants that an architecture firm put up on freecycle ages ago. The only downside is that there’s a distinctive curl to the paper, so I had to do some hard work to get it to stick to the wall. Still, the larger piece is adding a great focus to the living room, and now that I have it’s height, I can think a little more concretely about where i want additional material to hang.


Hopefully the couch and other fixtures give you an idea of scale.

The giant flake uses lots of images, a pilot riding a chopper, some cogs, a weird interpretation of a cog for the center, wrenches, skulls, winged sculs, a cinder block (i was told the piece really would benefit from a cinder block), and a rainbow… though since it’s a paper cut you only get the positive negative effect going on. Here’s a bit of detail if you care to pull those ideas apart.


Now I’m going to go to sleep before I start forgetting where i live, otherwise they might find me out in the city with no contact information to help me get home.

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