flakey update

Alright, I made a push and got some more star/flake things done over the last few days.  The room is starting to shape up in my head, I can see holes where i want to build/add, and I can see where I want to expand.  It’s exciting.  My next task this evening is going to be to change the lights around the windows, and design/cut window flakes.  I’ll stick to construction paper for this phase, as they have better integrity to lie flat. Since our windows are big, I may do a chain of them.


This blue flake is subtle and a bit hidden away in the display, but it’s a neat simple design that i based off one of the most simple snowflake images i found online in a gallery of really pretty closeup photos.


This snowflake definitely works on more of a stained glass kind of look.  The multiple strut form means that it’s actually pretty strong, so I hung a couple strings of stars from the lower corners of the piece.


This octopus based flake has a big shortcoming, it won’t stay flat. It drives me a bit crazy, but since the goal is to fill the room I decided to hang it anyway. This might work better if I added to the design in some way to run through the center, but when I was designing the piece none it detracted from the design to have the tentacles reach up, so I decided to risk it and see what happened.  Nice papercut piece, hangs crappy on it’s own.  Lesson learned.



I also made a couple of icosahedron stars, kusudama style.  They’re fun but take a while to make.  The first one is construction paper and some white xerox paper, and the second is from an old phone book.

So now that i’ve given the rundown, i’ll give you a snapshot of the overall effect.


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