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Y: The Last Man Vol. 10: Whys And Wherefores (Paperback) Y: The Last Man Vol. 10: Whys And Wherefores by Brian K. Vaughan

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ok, i kept putting off finishing this series for stupid reasons, but really because i didn’t want it to end… and now it’s ended and i’m a little sad and emotional about it. Ends as strong as it started, and yes there’s a retrospective… and if you think that kind of thing’s cheesy… then screw you. Sometimes it’s nice to know what happened “after” everything. The cover art for the various issues will have you wanting to claw your eyes out if you have a soul and have developed any kind of connection to the characters. My final thought… i hate that this is being made into a movie. It makes me unhappy, because there’s no way this translates well to screen in a way that would pass censors and keep to a good story without compromising it. Read it read it read it.

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