keeping up

Sometimes I find it hard to keep up with my life in general, and all the stupid projects I get into and ventures I enjoy.  It’s like juggling, only I’ve maxed out with too many components up in the air.  This isn’t a constant thing, but it happens from time to time and then I get frustrated that I can’t put time into something-or-other that I really care about.  That’s usually about the time that my overwhelming need to organize kicks into full gear. I’m back onto up-to-date to do lists on Remember the Milk, within five different categories.  I’ve decided to make myself a list of 101 goals/projects for 1001 days, and that list is complete, categorized, and subcategorized.

I also know that I need more tools to help me with my learning process, particularly to help me help myself get back on track with Spanish, and also continue to push myself in Chinese.  I’m also going to be learning various equations that I’ll need to memorize over the course of this semester. This has brought me to Anki, which i started playing with last week.  If you like flash cards, cross-platform compatability, and online synchronization, then this is a tool for you.

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