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Anansi Boys Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman

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This book was a spinningly fast read and a really fun romp. Here i had thought that coming of age stories were really getting a bit trite and overdone, and Gaiman manages to give me exactly the kind of giggly anticipation where I can’t put the darn book down. Beware readers who get sucked in! I went through this in 2 sittings, and clearly have put off sleep far too long to finish.

Also… I have to share my favoritest of quotes:

“Fat Charlie shrugged, in a way that, he hoped, indicated that he contained within him depths of crap as yet unplumbed.”

I read that while riding the bus, and i tried to hold it in, but a good laugh just rumbled right out of me and wouldn’t stop until i was practically howling in my seat. The color of the stares I got back made me loathe to explain what was so very funny.

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