firefly paintings

So Firefly is coming up, and things are coming together for Bring A Cup, the camp i’m managing.  I’m happy with things so far.  I designed a ticket that I was reasonably happy with.  I am currently in the midst of cranking out some paintings for the event, which i mentioned before.

The first painting i finished was more freehand and sloppy.  It’s a bunny piece, so I’m moderately ok with that.  Rubbish helped me finish up the outlining so i could call it done.  I’ll give you a few images to check out the process.

bunny1.jpg bunnies2.JPG













These are two process pics earlier on in the game.  I started out laying down the green and dark green silhouettes, then went on to picking various bunny colors for the bunnies, then filled in the ears.  Finally i got into the pint glasses and beer, then rounded it out by outlining everything.  The end result was this:


 It’s not the best piece I’ve done in my life, but at 3’x5′ it’s the largest canvas/acrylic piece I’ve ever done, and it all finished up pretty quick.

The next item on the docket was the fart monster picture.  You may remember the sketch.  I’m not quite done with it, though I’m farther than this photo indicates at this point.


I’m excited with how it’s going, excited at how easy it’s going, and a little terrified of screwing it up.

Lastly, this morning i threw down some primer on a canvas so I can get started on my third piece, which you haven’t seen yet.  I figure i can toss a sketch out there just to give an idea.  If you know me, you know how awesome I feel about this picture.


I’m hoping to get this one laid in there and backgrounded tonight so i can really get into it tomorrow and Sunday.  I’ll be sure to take progress photos.

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