Not done, but progress

littlecuttlefish.jpgSo I did some painting last night.  I finished up laying the base coast on the cuttlefish in the morning. The paints were being terribly behaved in the muggy weather, and I was ready to go Jackson Pollack on the canvas.

I did take a break to do food shopping for Firefly and write some emails and catch up with people over some camp management stuff.  It definitely felt that time was getting away from me, and i got exhausted around 1am, so instead I slept.  I got up at 6 and started off with some fresh paint and things went much better.

Now it’s getting down to crunch time and I’m going to have to haul and ditch sleep in order to both finish up and load up all the gear and equipment.  Then we have our ride up tomorrow and start setting things up.  At that point, tomorrow night, I can sleep.  Even on uncomfy rocks I’m pretty sure I’ll sleep like a baby, and I’m completely looking forward to it.  Right now I’m working with 2 hour spurts and starts of sleep.

I also need to prep a meal before I leave, but that shouldn’t be too bad.  Just a matter of marinating some steak, and deciding what I want to do with the veggies I have. Oh, and prep the ceviche.

*yawn*  Anyhow… I have more images of what I’ve been working on.  If you’ve never seen one, I think Sepia officinalis is one of the most beautiful critters out there.

cuttlebasecoat.jpg Here’s a good overview of what I did to lay down the base coat.  It’s a lot of burnt sienna cut with white.  It makes a nice color, and i will maybe go in a lighten it up later, but I really didn’t just want to launch right in there with a cream color and then fight with toning it down.

I’ve been leaving the bottles and glasses for last in the paintings i’ve been working on.  I’m a little concerned with this set with the “reaching inside” aspect of some of them, but it’s all a learning experience anyhow.

So far so good.  The next thing I’ve done after this is lay down the basic stripes on the cuttlefish.  This is where the paint was being a real jerk. It’s probably my fault as the house was stale and i had a ceiling fan on.  Silly acrylics.


 The initial look of just the stripes was… unsatisfactory to me?  But once I got around to laying out some of the shadows on the biggest guy on the painting, I’ve been a lot happier with the piece overall. With those depths starting to pop out I’ll feel good to go back and bring in the lights and outline the whole thing.  It’s funny… laying down the main browns took me hours, but that shadowing took less than 20 min.

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